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Redesigned website highlights Virginia’s big trees

April 29, 2016 – The state’s big trees might seem even a little “bigger” on the Virginia Big Tree Program’s newly redesigned website.

“The website lists information about the largest trees in Virginia,” said Eric Wiseman, associate professor of urban forestry and arboriculture and a Virginia Cooperative Extension specialist in Virginia Tech’s Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation in the  College of Natural Resources and Environment. He serves as coordinator of the Virginia Big Tree Program.

“We hope this redesign will encourage even more individuals to use the website,” Wiseman said. “We aimed for a simpler, intuitive layout that will be easier to use on mobile devices.” He added that updating the website in time for Arbor Day, celebrated this year on April 29, seemed appropriate.

Virginia’s big trees are those that are the largest of their species, measured by height, trunk circumference, and crown spread. The website lists the five largest trees of more than 300 different species and includes photographs of the honored trees as well as their location, the names of the individuals who nominated them, and in some cases, the name of landowner.

Virginia ranks fourth on the National Big Tree Register with 63 national champion trees. Having that many national champions is notable because, through its history, some of Virginia’s major economic development was through farming and logging operations, which removed many of the state’s largest trees. Today, urbanization and extreme weather are the greatest threats to big trees.  (continue reading..........)


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