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Carolyn Copenheaver

Associate Professor

B. S. Biology, Juniata College (1993); M.S. Forestry, University of Maine (1996); Ph.D. Forestry, The Pennsylvania State University (2000)

Interest Areas: Forest ecology, dendrochronology, land-use history, forest stand dynamics.

Teaching Responsibilities
  • FOR 3314 - Forest Ecology and Silvics
  • FOR 5374 - Advanced Forest Ecology
Selected Publications
  • Copenheaver, C.A., McCune, R.C., Sorensen, E.A., Pisaric, M.F.J., and Beale, B.J. 2014. Decreased radial growth in sugar maple trees tapped for maple syrup.  The Forestry Chronicle 90:771-777.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Kidd, K.R., Shockey, M.D., and Stephens, B.A. 2014. Environmental and social factors influencing the price of land in southwestern Virginia, USA, 1786-1830. Mountain Research and Development 34: 386-395.

  • Kidd, K.R., Aust, W.A. and Copenheaver, C.A. W.A. 2014. Recreational stream crossing effects on sediment delivery and macroinvertebrates in southwestern Virginia, USA. Environmental Management 54:505-516.

  • Walker, D.M., Copenheaver, C.A., and Zink-Sharp, A. 2014.  Radial growth changes following hemlock woolly adelgid infestation of eastern hemlock.  Annals of Forest Science 71:595-602.

  • Fuhrman, N.E., Morgan, A.C., Copenheaver, C.A., Peterson, J.A., Newberry, M.G., DeLoach, S.G., and van de Gevel, S. 2014. Repeated monitoring of forest plots: evaluating the accuracy of student scientist data.  NACTA Journal 58: 95-101.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Seiler, J.R., Peterson, J.A., Evans, A.M., McVay, J.L., and White, J.H. 2014. Stadium Woods: A dendroecological reconstruction of an old-growth forest on a university campus.  Dendrochronologia 32:62-70.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Peterson, J.A., and Goldbeck DeBose, K. 2014. Discipline continuity across undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Natural Sciences Education 42:131-136.

  • Feldhaus, J.J., Copenheaver, C.A., and Barney, J.N. 2013.  Mapping and management of the non-native Japanese spiraea at Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve, Virginia.  Natural Areas Journal 33:435-439.

  • Sefidi, K., Marvie Mohadjer, M.R., Mosandl, R., and Copenheaver, C.A. 2013. Coarse and fine woody debris in mature Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) forests of northern Iran.  Natural Areas Journal 33:248-255.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Belote, R.T., Steele, J.K., Peterson, J.A., and Grinter, L.E. 2013.  A dendroclimatic assessment of habitat specificity: Use of a functional trait to classify white oak.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 140:41-51.

  • Slyder, J.B., Stein, B.R., Sams, B.S., Walker, D.M.*, Beale, B.J.*, Feldhaus, J.J.*, and Copenheaver, C.A. 2011.  Citation pattern and lifespan: a comparison of discipline, institution, and individuals.  Scientometrics 89:955-966.

  • Sefidi, K., Marvie Mohadjer, M.R., Mosandl, R., and Copenheaver, C.A. 2011.  Canopy gaps and regeneration in old-growth Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) stands, northern Iran.  Forest Ecology and Management 262:1094-1099.

  • Hook, B.A., Copenheaver, C.A., and Zink-Sharp, A. 2011. Compression wood formation in Pinus banksiana L. following ice storm damage in southwestern Virginia, USA. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 138:52-61.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Crawford, C.J., and Fearer, T.M. 2011.  Age-specific responses to climate identified in the growth of Quercus alba.  Trees Structure and Function 25:647-653.

  • Sefidi, K., Marvie Mohadjer, M.R., Etemad, V., and Copenheaver, C.A. 2011. Stand characteristics and distribution of a relic population of Persian ironwood (Parrotia persica C.A. Meyer) in northern Iran.  Flora 206:418-422.

  • Mettanurak, T., Zink-Sharp, A., Copenheaver, C.A., and Zedaker, S.M. 2010. Effect of growth suppression and release on strength and specific gravity of yellow poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.)  Canadian Journal of Forest Research 4:1661-1670.
  • Copenheaver, C.A., Gärtner, H. Schäfer, I., Vaccari, F.P., and Cherubini, P. 2010. Drought-triggered false ring formation in a Mediterranean shrub.  Botany 88:545-555.

  • Copenheaver, C.A. Goldbeck, K., and Cherubini, P. 2010. Lack of gender bias in citation rates of publications by dendrochronologists: What is unique about this discipline?  Tree-Ring Research 66:127-133.
  • Copenheaver, C.A., Hendrick, L.E., Houchins, J.W. and Pearce, C.D. 2010. Changes in growth and dendroclimatic response of trees growing along an artificial lake.  American Midland Naturalist 163:134-145.

  • Black, B.A., Copenheaver, C.A., Frank, D.C., Stuckey, M.J., and Kormanyos, R.E. 2009. Multiproxy reconstructions of northeastern Pacific sea surface temperature data from trees and Pacific geoduck.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 278:40-47.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Nelson, K.L., and Goldbeck, K. 2009. The academic roots of forestry programs: A case study from Virginia Tech.  Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education 38:99-105.

  • Hendrick, L.E. and Copenheaver, C.A. 2009. Using repeat landscape photography to assess vegetation changes in rural communities of the southern Appalachian Mountains in Virginia, USA.  Mountain Research and Development 29:21-29.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Predmore, S.A., and Askamit, D.N. 2009. Conversion of rare grassy openings to forest: Have these areas lost their conservation value? Natural Areas Journal 29:133-139.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Black, B.A., Stine, M.B., McManamay, R.H. and Bartens, J. 2009. Identifying dendroecological growth releases in American beech, jack pine, and white oak: Within-tree sampling strategy. Forest Ecology and Management 257:2235-2240.

  • Radtke, P.J., Amateis, R.L., Prisley, S.P., Copenheaver, C.A., Chojnacky, D.C., Pittman, J.R., and Burkhart, H.E. 2009. Modeling production and decay of coarse woody debris in loblolly pine plantations. Forest Ecology and Management 257:790-799.

  • Bhuta, A. A. R., Kennedy, L.M., Copenheaver, C.A., Sheridan, P.M., and Campbell, J.B. 2008. Shade tolerance and boundary-line growth patterns for remnant longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) in mixed pine-hardwood forests, southeastern Virginia.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 135:516-529.

  • Predmore, S.A., Copenheaver, C.A., and Mortimer, M.J. 2008. Ecosystem management in the US Forest Service: A persistent process but dying discourse.  Journal of Forestry 106:339-345.

  • Copenheaver, C.A. 2008. Old-field succession in western New York: The progression of forbs and woody species from abandonment to mature forest.  Rhodora 110:157-170.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Yancey, M.W., Pantaleoni, E., and Emrick, V.R. 2007. Dendroclimatic analysis of a bottomland hardwood forest: Floodplain vs. terrace responses.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 134:505-511.

  • Copenheaver, C.A., Prisley, S. P., Pittman, J. R., Yonce, M. E., Issem, C. M. S., and Jensen, K. A. 2007. The geography of grist, flour, and saw mills: indictors of land-use history in Virginia.  Southeastern Geographer 47:138-154.
  • Kirwan, M.L., Kirwan, J.L., and Copenheaver, C.A. 2007. Dynamics of an estuarine forest and its response to rising sea level. Journal of Coastal Research 23:457-463.
  • Copenheaver, C. A., Pokorski, E. A., Currie, J.E., and Abrams, M.D. 2006. Causation of false ring formation in Pinus banksiana: a comparison of age, canopy class, climate and growth rate. Forest Ecology and Management 236:348-355.
  • Copenheaver, C. A., Matthews, J. M., Showalter, J. M., and Auch, W. E.  2006.  Forest stand development patterns in the southern Appalachians.  Northeastern Naturalist 13:477-494.
  • Copenheaver, C.A., Dorr, J.L., Flatley, W.T., and Garst, D.W. 2006. Temporal variability in the spatial distribution of an eastern red cedar-chinquapin oak woodland in Virginia. Natural Areas Journal 26:274-279.
Professional Organizations
  • Society of American Foresters
  • Virginia Forestry Association
  • Tree-Ring Society
  • Ecological Society of America
  • Torrey Botanical Society
  • Natural Areas Association
  • Southern Appalachian Botanical Society

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