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Alycia Crall

Coordinator, Master Naturalist Program

B.S., University of Georgia (2000); M.S., Colorado State University (2003); Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison (2010)

Interest Areas: Citizen Science, Informal Science Education, Environmental Education, Invasive Species, Interdisciplinary Approaches to Conservation, Program Evaluation, Biological Data Integration.

Professional Activities and Awards
  • Invited Participant, Galapagos Workshop: Development of a Participatory Monitoring Program for Galapagos (Workshop: June 25-29, 2012)
  • Planning Committee Advisor, Citizen Science Pre-Conference to Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Conference: August 4-5, 2012)
  • Invited Participant, Enhancing Biodiversity Conservation and Environmental Stewardship through Public Participation in Scientific Research (Workshop: April 7-8, 2011)
  • Board of Directors, North American Invasive Species Network
  • Steering Committee, Continental Forest Dialogue’s Citizen Science Survey Programs Initiative
  • Steering Committee, Alliance of Natural Resource Outreach and Service Programs
  • Virginia Invasive Species Advisory Council
  • Virginia Resource Use Education Council
  • Virginia DGIF Agent Advisory Group
  • Member, Ecological Society of America
  • Member, North American Association for Environmental Education
  • Member, Society for Conservation Biology
  • Invader Crusader Award (2010)
  • Outstanding Achievements in Citizen-Based Monitoring Award (2008)
Selected Research and Extension Activities
  • $2,491,770 total funding since 2006
  • NSF Cyberlearning, Sustaining ecological communities through citizen science and online collaboration
  • Utilizing Global Invasive Species Information Network to provide a data management backbone for NAISN hubs, nodes, and affiliates
  • Developing Smartphone Application for the Great Lakes Early Detection Network
  • Creation and Implementation of the Great Lakes Invasive Species Data Collection and Reporting System
  • Great Lakes: Extending the Early Detection Network
  • Evaluation, Refinement, and Extension of Invasive Species Predictive Maps
  • Developing the Great Lakes Early Detection Network.
  • A Web Skin for the Great Lakes Early Detection Network
  • Citizen-Based Monitoring Equipment Libraries for Wisconsin
  • Integrating Invasive Plant Species Data in the Midwest: Solutions for Data Collection and Management.
  • CI-TEAM Implementation Project: Using the GODM Cyberinfrastructure to Involve Citizen Scientists in Moving from Data Isolation to Data Integration
Refereed Publications
  • Tapia, W., A.W. Crall, L.J. Cayot, E. Sterling, J.P. Gibbs. 2013. Citizen Science: A new conservation tool for the Galapagos. The Galapagos Report In Press
  • Crall, A.W., C.S. Jarnevich, B.J. Panke, N. Young, M.J. Renz, J. Morisette. 2013. Using Habitat Suitability Models to Prioritize Invasive Plant Species Surveys. Ecological Applications 23(1):60-72.
  • Crall, A.W., M. Renz, B.J. Panke, G.J. Newman, C. Chapin, J. Graham, C. Bargeron. 2012. Developing Cost-Effective Early Detection Networks for Regional Invasions. Biological Invasions 14(12):2461-2469.
  • Newman, G., A. Wiggins, A.W Crall, E. Graham, S. Newman, and K Crowston. 2012. Citizen Science Futures: Emerging technologies and shifting paradigms.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6(10):298-304.
  • Crall, A.W., R. Jordan, K.A. Holfelder, G. Newman, J. Graham, and D.M. Waller. 2012. The Impact of an Invasive Species Citizen Science Training Program on Participant Attitudes, Behavior, and Science Literacy. Public Understanding of Science doi:10.1177/0963662511434894
  • Crall A.W., G. Newman, T.J. Stohlgren, K.A. Holfelder, J. Graham, and D.M. Waller. 2011. Assessing Citizen Science Data Quality: A Case Study. Conservation Letters 4:433-442.
  • Crall, A.W., M. Renz, B. Panke, and G. Newman. 2011. Is there a role for the public in monitoring invasive species? CAB Reviews: Perspectives in Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Natural Resources 6(23):1-7.
  • Cronje, R., S. Rohlinger, A.W. Crall, G. Newman. 2011. Does Participation in Citizen Science Improve Scientific Literacy? A Study to Compare Assessment Methods. Applied Environmental Education and Communication 10(3):135-145.
  • Newman G, J. Graham, A.W. Crall, and M. Laituri M. 2011. The Art and Science of Multi-Scale Citizen Science Support. Ecological Informatics 6(3-4): 217-227.
  • Crall, A.W., G.J. Newman, C.S. Jarnevich, T.J. Stohlgren, D.M. Waller, J. Graham. 2010. Improving and Integrating Data on Invasive Species Collected by Citizen Scientists. Biological Invasions 12(10):3419-3428.
  • Graham, J., G. Newman, S. Kumar, C. Jarnevich, N. Young, A.W. Crall, T.J. Stohlgren. 2010. Bringing Modeling to the Masses: A Web Based System to Predict Species Distributions. Future Internet 2:624-634.
  • Newman G., A.W. Crall, M. Laituri, J. Graham, T.J. Stohlgren, J.C. Moore, K. Kodrich and K. Holfelder. 2010. Teaching citizen science skills online: Implications for invasive species training programs. Applied Environmental Education and Communication 9:276-286.
  • Newman, G., D. Zimmerman, A.W. Crall, M. Laituri, J. Graham, and L. Stapel. 2010. User friendly web mapping: Lessons from a citizen science website. International Journal of Geographic Information Systems 24:1851-1869.
  • Evangelista, P., S. Kumar, T.J. Stohlgren, C.S. Jarnevich, A.W. Crall, J.B. Norman, D. Barnett. 2008. Modeling invasion for a habitat generalist and a specialist plant species. Diversity and Distributions 14(5):808-817.
  • Graham, J., A. Simpson, A.W. Crall, C.S. Jarnevich, G.J. Newman, T.J. Stohlgren. 2008. Vision of a Cyberinfrastructure for Nonnative, Invasive Species Management. BioScience 58(3):263-268.
  • Evangelista, P., S. Kumar, T.J. Stohlgren, A.W. Crall, G. Newman. 2007. Modeling Aboveground Biomass of Tamarix ramosissimain the Arkansas River Basin of Southeastern Colorado, USA. Western North American Naturalist 67(4):503-509.
  • Jarnevich, C.S., J.J. Graham, G.J. Newman, A.W. Crall, and T.J. Stohlgren. 2007. Balancing data sharing requirements for analyses with data sensitivity. Biological Invasions 9:597-599.
  • Crall, A.W., L. Meyerson, T.J. Stohlgren, C.S. Jarnevich, G.J. Newman, J.Graham. 2006. Show Me the Numbers: What Data Currently Exist for Non-Native Species?  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 4(8):414-418.
  • Crall, A.W., G.J. Newman, T.J. Stohlgren, C.S. Jarnevich, P.H. Evangelista, D. Guenther. 2006. Dominance as a Component of Non-Native Species Invasions.  Diversity and Distributions 12:195-204.
  • Chong, G.W., Y. Otsuki, T.J. Stohlgren, D. Guenther, P. Evangelista, C. Villa, M.A. Waters. 2006. Evaluating Plant Invasions from Both Habitat and Species Perspectives. Western North American Naturalist 66(1):92-105.
  • Evangelista, P. A.W. Crall, and E. Bergquist. 2010. Invasive plants and their response to energy development. In: Naugle, D., editor. Energy Development and Wildlife Conservation in Western North America. Washington, DC: Island Press. p. 115-129.
  • Crall, A.W., T.J. Stohlgren, P. Evangelista, D. Guenther. 2008. Natural variation in diversity and invasion patterns of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah. In: van Riper III, C., M.K. Sogge, editors. The Colorado Plateau III: Integrating Research and Resources Management for Effective Conservation. Tucson: The University of Arizona Press. p 287-305.
Professional and Technical Publications
  • Waters, M.A., T.J. Stohlgren, P. Evangelista, D. Guenther, N. Alley, G.J. Newman, editors. 2004. Landscape-Scale Assessment of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Fort Collins, CO: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. 205 p.
  • Waters, M.A. 2002. State of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Fort Collins, CO: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. 116 p.
  • Waters, M.A. 2001. State of Rocky Mountain National Park. Fort Collins, CO: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. 115 p.

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