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Sullivan, Dr. Jay Professor and Department Head Forest and resource economics, economics of forest conservation and restoration, forest landowner incentives and decisions, forest management and planning.

Albaugh, Timothy Research Associate Management of site resource availability; plantation productivity; Loblolly pine ecophysiology.
Amacher, Dr. Gregory Professor Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, International Forestry and Development, Public Finance and Policy Instruments
Amateis, Ralph Senior Research Associate Growth and yield modeling, mathematical and statistical techniques applied to forestry problems, computer applications.
Aust, Dr. W. Michael Professor Effects of forest operations on soil and hydrologic processes, water quality, site productivity. Forested wetland and riparian zone ecology, management, restoration. Development and application of forestry management practices for protection of water and site quality.
Bai, Hua Postdoctoral Associate Research Area: molecular ecophysiology in trees, transcriptional responses to abiotic stress, genotype-phenotype association studies.
Barrett, Dr. Scott Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist Forest operations and biomass utilization.  Logger education and the impacts of education on logging safety, productivity, and the implementation of sustainable forestry practices.
Baumflek, Michelle Postdoctoral Associate Research focuses on combining traditional and academic ecological knowledges to promote the sustainable use and stewardship of culturally important plants and fungi.
Blinn, Dr. Christine Research Scientist Remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and statistical applications for natural resource inventory and management.
Bolding, Dr. M. Chad Associate Professor Forest operations, harvesting, wood supply chain efficiency, and biomass utilization.
Brooks, Dr. Evan Postdoctoral Associate Expansion and application of Landsat-based models and inputs to the southeastern US.
Brunner, Dr. Amy Associate Professor Genomics of tree development, ecophysiology and adaptation; molecular genetics of tree maturation, flowering and crown architecture; epigenetic mechanisms and small RNAs in trees; long-distance signaling in trees.
Burkhart, Dr. Harold Professor Modeling forest stand dynamics, growth and yield; applying quantitative analysis techniques to forestry problems.
Chittum, Holly Project Associate Research interests include non-timber medicinal forest products cultivation, management, and supply chains.
Cobourn, Dr. Kelly Assistant Professor Natural resource economics, applied econometrics, bio-economic modeling, water resource policy, invasive species management.
Copenheaver, Dr. Carolyn Associate Professor Forest ecology, dendrochronology, land-use history, forest stand dynamics.
Day, Dr. Susan Associate Professor Urban forestry; urban soil management and soil carbon; stormwater management; root/soil interactions; interactions of trees with the built environment.
Fox, Dr. Thomas Professor Forest fertilization and tree nutrition; Silviculture of Appalachian hardwoods; Intensive silviculture of southern pine plantation; Forest soils; Rhizosphere chemistry; Environmental sustainability of intensive forest management; Ecophysiology of managed forest stands.
Franco, Dr. Carol Senior Research Associate Ecological economics, ecosystem services, climate change impacts, climate change adaptation and mitigation policies, transdisciplinary approaches.
Gagnon, Jennifer Coordinator, Virginia Forest Landowner Education Program Non-industrial private landowners, sustainable forest management, longleaf and shortleaf pine restoration, uneven-aged management, exotic invasive identification and control.
Gantulga, Dr. Dashzeveg Postdoctoral Associate Molecular biology and biochemistry.
Holliday, Dr. Jason Assistant Professor Climatic adaptation in widely distributed tree species, transcriptional responses to abiotic stress, genotype-phenotype association studies, conservation genetics, genome-enabled breeding, adaptation of tree populations to climate change, landscape genomics.
Horn, Dr. Kevin Postdoctoral Associate Interested in scaling biological and chemical processes across temporal and geospatial scales.
Hull, Dr. Bruce Professor Theory and practice of leadership promoting sustainable development.  Collaboration among market, non-governmental, governmental, local, and global organizations.
Jones, Nate Postdoctoral Associate Research focuses on examining wetland ecohydrology and the effects of hydrologic connectivity on downstream water quality.
Kidd, John Coordinator, Southern Conifer Global Internship Program  Education and extension for secondary students and the general public.
Kidd, Rebecca Postdoctoral Associate Fire and forest ecology; forest disturbance effects on stand dynamics, forest health, and water quality; regeneration ecology; bottomland forest restoration; dendroecology.
Kreye, Jesse Research Scientist CY Research focuses on fire behavior and fuel dynamics in forest ecosystems, restoration of fire-excluded ecosystems, and the efficacy and ecological effects of fuels treatments.
Laviner, Andy Research Associate Silviculture, Ecophysiology, and Forest Management.
Mandal, Mihir Postdoctoral Associate Molecular genetics and genomics approach to identify loci involved in local adaptation of trees under variable climatic conditions.
Marion, Dr. Jeffrey Adjunct Professor Recreation resources management; recreation ecology; understanding, monitoring and managing visitor impacts; park and wilderness management; ecotourism management.
McGee, Dr. John Professor Natural Resource Management, Geospatial Applications, Technology Transfer.
McGuire, Dr. Kevin Associate Professor Watershed, hillslope, and forest hydrology; runoff generation processes; tracer and isotope applications in hydrology; land use and climate change effects on watershed processes and water quality; forest watershed management; and interactions between hydrology and biogeochemistry.
McLaughlin, Dr. Daniel Assistant Professor Forest and wetland ecohydrology; biotic feedbacks to landform development; watershed and landscape hydrology; emerging environmental sensors; restoration and management of water resources
Munsell, Dr. John Associate Professor Private Forestland Stewardship; Agroforestry and Whole Farm Planning; Bioenergy and Family Forest Sustainability; Collaborative Conservation; Integrated Natural Resources Problem Solving.   
O'Halloran, Dr. Tom Research Assistant Professor Land-atmosphere interactions; the role of forests in the climate system; forest micrometeorology, climate-impacts of forest disturbances; air quality; biogenic aerosol formation and climate significance
Peer, Kyle Superintendent, Reynolds Homestead Vegetative propagation, clonal forestry, nursery and greenhouse production, tree breeding.
Prysby, Michelle VA Master Naturalist Program Director Citizen science, volunteer management, public engagement in science, natural resource education, and monarch butterfly ecology and conservation.
Radtke, Dr. Philip Associate Professor Assessment and modeling of forest resources; Evaluating models used in forestry and ecology; Acquisition, management and analysis of data; Improving access to growth and yield models.
Raymond, Jay Postdoctoral Associate CY Research is working on understanding the fate of applied fertilizer nitrogen in loblolly pine plantations in the southern United States through the use of stable isotopes.
Schoenholtz, Dr. Stephen Professor Forest management impacts on water and soil quality, restoration of degraded ecosystems, ecology and management of forested wetlands and riparian zones, biogeochemistry, criteria and indicators of sustainable forest management.
Seiler, Dr. John Professor Environmental stress effects on woody plant physiology, including water and pollutant stresses; physiological responses to silvicultural treatments; carbon sequestration.
Sheng, Xiaoyan Research Associate Functional genomics in forestry, Forest tree biotechnology, Vegetative propagation, Clonal forestry, Nursery and greenhouse production, Tree breeding.
Silvius, Dr. Kirsten Senior Research Associate Dynamics of linked socio-ecological systems; wildlife and resource management by indigenous peoples; effectiveness of protected areas; participatory resource monitoring and management; citizen science; plant-animal interactions and their role in forest structure and plant evolution; incorporation of science into conservation policy.
Sorice, Dr. Michael Assistant Professor Natural resource recreation, recreation specialization, human dimensions of natural resource management, conservation on private lands, incentive programs and conservation policy, human-wildlife interactions, land ownership demographics & land use, attitudes & social norms, behavior assessment, research methods, data analysis.
Stern, Dr. Marc Associate Professor Human dimensions of natural resource policy and management, environmental communications, protected areas management, international conservation, natural resource management effectiveness, attitudes vs. actions, public responses to natural resource management, evaluation of environmental education and other outreach programs, research methods.
Strahm, Dr. Brian Assistant Professor Forest soils, ecological restoration, carbon and nutrient cycling, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, reforestation, soil-plant-atmosphere interactions, sustainability, chemistry of soil interfaces, effects of land use and global change on soil properties, processes, and function.
Subedi, Dr. Santosh Post-Doctoral Research Associate Pine Silviculture, Forest Modeling, Forest Soils, Ecophysiology of southern pine plantation
Sumnall, Dr. Matthew Postdoctoral Associate
Matt is working with Tom Fox, Randy Wynne,and Val Thomas on Lidar applications in forestry. His specific research deals with use of Lidar to separate overstory trees from understory vegetation in loblolly pine plantations. The goal is to develop more accurate methods to determine leaf area of both the overstory pines and the understory vegetation. The work is supported by the Forest Productivity Cooperative.
Teixeira, Dr. Rita Research Scientist Research interests are the identification of genes involved in the perception of short and long days as well as nitrogen availability/deficiency in Populus and how these factors promote growth cessation in the beginning of autumn and resume growth when spring starts. The main interest will be the establishment of the gene network responsible for light signal perception in trees.
Thomas, Dr. Quinn Assistant Professor As an ecosystem ecologist with an Earth System perspective, my interests broadly focus on understanding the interactions between forests and global environmental change. To address these questions, I work across a wide range of spatial scales, from individual trees to the globe using a broad set of tools, including ecosystem and Earth System models, remote sensing, large dataset analysis, and whole-ecosystem experiments.
Thomas, Dr. Valerie Associate Professor Remote sensing of forest canopy structure and function using lidar and hyperspectral technology.  Integration of these data with micrometeorological measurements to model canopy-scale photosynthesis.  Evaluation of the impact of local heterogeneity on estimates of carbon exchange.
Walker, David Research Associate Woody biomass estimation and modeling, forest inventory methods, dendrochronology, forest entomology and pathology.
Wang, Bingxue Postdoctoral Associate Research includes working on understanding the light use efficiency of loblolly pine.  In particular she is trying to understand why loblolly pine in Brazil grows so much faster and holds so many more needles than it does in the United States.
Wiseman, Dr. Eric Associate Professor Tree physiological responses to arboricultural treatments; urban forest ecophysiology; urban forest inventory and assessment.
Wynne, Dr. Randolph Professor Applications of remote sensing to forestry, natural resource management, ecological modeling, and earth system science.

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