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Rajesh Bawa

Graduate Student

B.Sc Agriculture (Hons.), Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Career & Academic Interests:

Population genetics and evolutionary genomics in plants and lower eukaryotes. Finding and assessing the genetic variability in the population and Plant Breeding.

Advisor & Committee:
  • Dr. Jason Holliday* Assistant Professor

  •  Dr. Eric Hallerman- Head, Dept of Fisheries and Wildlife

  •  Dr. Khidir Hilu- Prof. in Biology (Dept. of Biol.)

  •  Dr. Boris Vinatzer- Asso. Prof Plant Pathology (PPWS)

Teaching activities

TA: Forest Ecology and Silviculture (Fall 2010)

Scientific Activities

Finding the signatures of local Adaptation in Populus sp. along the cline (with change in Latitude and longitudes) using SNP’s.

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