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Edward Russell

M.S. Horticulture and Agronomy, with Pomology specialization - University of California at Davis B.S. Biology - Goucher College, Baltimore, MD

Career and Academic Interests:

Currently, I am working on the PINEMAP Project characterizing the physiological and morphological responses to the through-fall exclusion and fertilizer treatments of the tier 3 sites. I have a particular interest in experimental design, statistical analysis and modelling of field trials. Previous work for my MS, and for industry, has focused on elucidating the physical effects of climate, water stress, growth regulators, and source-sink relationships in various tree species. I have done research for the Almond Board of CA, and have done similar work for the CA citrus industry as Manager of Research for an international citrus producer. Until recently I served on the Citrus Research Board of CA, and am still part of their Science Advisory Committee. My current PhD work will contribute to the understanding of how Loblolly Pine responds to environmental stresses, and to intensive silvicultural practices.  


Dr. John Seiler - Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

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