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David Mellor

B.S., College of William and Mary (2005); Ph.D., Rutgers University (2011)

Interest Areas: Citizen Science, Informal Science Education, Environmental Education, Invasive Species, Behavioral Ecology, Sexual Selection, Student Retention.

Selected Research and Extension Activities
  • Ecology Nature of Science, how ecological literacy can inform greater understanding of the process of science.

  • Undergraduate Mentorship Project, how graduate-undergraduate teams benefit each other and science.

  • Aquarium Construction Toolkit, agent-based modeling of pond ecosystems for primary school curricula.

  • Sexual Selection of Lake Malawi Cichlids , how male-male interactions affect female mate choice.

  • Parental Behavior in Costa Rican Cichlids.

  • Citizen Scientists and Invasive Plant Species, USDA  and Trail Conference of NJ and NY.    

  • Loon Preservation Committee of New Hampshire, monitoring loon reproduction and public outreach.

  • Studying fish behavior, workshop.

  • Testing Hypotheses in Animal Behavior, workshop.

  • Invertebrates Around Us, workshop.

  •  Animal Adaptations, workshop.                                                                                                                         

Refereed Publications
  • Mellor, D., Wilt, L., Gershenson, D., Howe, D., Jordan, R. (2012) Female preference in the context of male-male interactions in Maylandia zebra of Lake Malawi. Journal of Ethology. 30:1, 181-186.

  • Jordan R., Mellor D., Wilt L., Gershenson D., Howe D. (2010) Male Interactions in a Group of Malaŵi Cichlids. Ethology, Ecology & Evolution. 22:4, 359-364.

  • Mellor, D.,Tarsiewicz, C., Jordan, R.  (2010): Female Maylandia zebra prefer victorious males. Journal of Fish Biology. 78: 680-687.

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