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Jay Sullivan

Department Head - Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

B.S., Colorado State University (1981); M.S., Colorado State University (1984); Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley (1988)

  • Professor of Forestry Economics / Management

Interest Areas: Forest and resource economics, economics of forest conservation and restoration, forest landowner incentives and decisions, forest management and planning

Curriculum vitae
Teaching Responsibilities
  • FOR 3434 Forest Management Field Lab
  • FOR 4424 Forest Resources Economics and Management
  • FOR 4444 Integrated Forest Management Practicum
  • FOR 5415-5416: Advanced Forest Resource Management and Economics
Selected Research Activities
  • Financial Viability of Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Measures in an Emerging Bio-energy Market (Virginia Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation)-Examines the role of existing and potential bioenergy/biofuels markets in the economics of southern pine beetle treatment options.  The ability to profitably harvest small diameter timber may provide incentives to improve pine beetle prevention efforts, although limited options for harvesting systems may constrain the potential gains. 

  • Restoring Sustainable Forests on Appalachian Mined Lands for Wood Products, Renewable Energy, Carbon Sequestration, and Other Ecosystem Services (U.S. Department of Energy)—Examines the financial feasibility of converting previously reclaimed mined lands into productive forests for financial and carbon sequestration purposes.  Incentive differences between mine operators and landowners are considered, and social costs of the current policies are being explored.
  • The Forest Bank: Concept to Reality (USDA Fund for Rural America)—Examines the landowner incentives and barriers for enrollment in the Nature Conservancy Forest Bank in Southwest Virginia. The regional economic impacts of the Forest Bank, and the self-financing potential of incentive programs to encourage landowner adoption, also are explored.
Selected Publications
  • Watson, A., J. Sullivan, G. Amacher and C. Asaro. 2013. Cost Sharing for Pre-commercial Thinning in Southern Pine Plantations: Willingness to Participate in Virginia's Pine Bark Beetle Prevention Program. Forest Policy and Economics. 34(September):65-72.
  • Sullivan, J. and G.S. Amacher. 2013. Optimal Hardwood Tree Planting and Forest Reclamation Policy on Reclaimed Surface Mine Lands in the Appalachian Coal Region. Resources Policy. 38:1-7.
  • Sullivan, J. and G.S. Amacher. 2010. Private and Social Costs of Surface Mine Reforestation Performance Criteria. Environmental Management. 45(2):311-319.
  • Sullivan, J. and G.S. Amacher. 2009. Social Costs of Mine-land Reclamation. Land Economics. 85(4): 712-726.
  • Goodnow, R., J. Sullivan and G.S. Amacher. 2008. Ice Damage and Forest Stand Management.  Journal of Forest Economics. 14(4):268-288.
  • Sullivan, J., J. Aggett, G. Amacher and J. Burger. 2006. Financial Viability of Reforesting Reclaimed Surface Mined Lands, the Burden of Site Conversion Costs, and Carbon Payments as Reforestation Incentives. Resources Policy.  30(2006):247-258.
  • Sullivan, J., G.S. Amacher, and S. Chapman. 2005. Forest Banking and Forest Landowners: Forgoing Management Rights for Guaranteed Financial Returns. Forest Policy and Economics. 7(2005):381-392.
  • Aggett, J., J. Sullivan, G. Amacher and J. Burger. 2004. Financial Cost to Landowners Associated with Forestland Conversion to Non-Productive Uses in the Process of Surface Mining. Proceedings of a Joint Conference of American Society of Mining and Reclamation, 21st Annual National Conference, and 25th West Virginia Surface Mine Drainage Task Force Symposium, April 18-22, 2004, Morgantown, West Virginia. pp. 9-19.
Professional Achievements
  • Gamma Sigma Delta Faculty Teaching Award, Virginia Tech, 2005
  • Certificate of Teaching Excellence, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Virginia Tech, 2001
  • Associate Editor, Forest Science, 2001-2004
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Forestry, 1997-2001

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