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Student Clubs

Forestry Club
    Forestry Club

The objectives of the Virginia Tech Forestry Club are to promote a spirit of fellowship among students within the College of Natural Resources and Environment, to encourage members of the other fields in the activities of the club, and to engage in activities furthering the education and enjoyment of its members in the field of renewable natural resources.

The club holds many fundraisers throughout the year. These include the selling of firewood, Christmas trees, and club apparel.

In the fall, the club competes in a series of competitions dealing with timber sports, such as cross-cut, speed chop, pole fell and axe throw. This all leads up to Conclave, held by the Association of Southern Forestry Clubs, where we compete in timber sports against 13 other Forestry Clubs. Click the links below to enjoy the latest 2011 Conclave video from Athens, GA.

Part 1 (

Part 2 (

Throughout the year we hold a Halloween Costume Party, a semi-formal Christmas Party, and Timberbeast, a fund-raising dance.

Requirements for membership include payment of yearly or quarterly dues, successful participation in a pledge period, and Possum Hunt.

Forestry Graduate Student Association
    Forestry Graduate Student Association

Mission Statement:

To enrich forestry graduate students' formal education through extracurricular activities promoting the exchange of information, ideas, and experience. Also, to welcome new graduate students into the VT community and to serve in promoting forestry education to the university community at large.

Natural Resource Recreation Society (undergraduates and graduates)
    Natural Resources Recreation Society

The Natural Resource Recreation Society is a student organization devoted to enhancing educational opportunities within natural resources recreation and related fields. Our goals are to promote networking among students, faculty, and professionals, and to encourage lasting friendships through volunteerism and other activities. As our primary emphases are educational and professional opportunities, this kind of learning that we do "field work" such as camping, hiking and canoeing.

Throughout the semester the Natural Resource Recreation Society sponsors guest speakers, holds "socials" (a.k.a. potluck dinners), and takes field trips. We do not limit membership to recreation majors; in fact we encourage all students to attend our events. Contact us for more information.

Virginia Tech Society of American Foresters Student Chapter (undergraduates and graduates)
    Society of American Foresters Student Chapter

The Virginia Tech Society of American Foresters is a student run organization open to all Virginia Tech students. The student chapter is a member of the Virginia Division of the Appalachian Society of American Foresters. Since 1900, the Society of American Foresters has provided access to information and networking opportunities to prepare members for the challenges and the changes that face natural resource professionals.

The Society of American Foresters (SAF) is the national scientific and educational organization representing the forestry profession in the United States. Founded in 1900 by Gifford Pinchot, it is the largest professional society for foresters in the world. The mission of the Society of American Foresters is to advance the science, education, technology, and practice of forestry; to enhance the competency of its members; to establish professional excellence; and, to use the knowledge, skills, and conservation ethic of the profession to ensure the continued health and use of forest ecosystems and the present and future availability of forest resources to benefit society.

Student Chapter of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (undergraduates and graduates)

We are a professional society that strives to advance the knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences and to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and supporting technologies.


  • Monthly meetings with interesting speakers.
  • Various conference attendance with the financial support from the ASPRS Potomac Region.
  • Numerous award and scholarship opportunities.
  • Excellent career and networking opportunities.


Student Chapter of the American Water Resources Association

The American Water Resources Association (AWRA) is a multidisciplinary organization in nature. The VT student chapter is affiliated with the state and national sections of AWRA but is first and foremost a student organization.  If you have any interest in water resources (engineering, education, forestry, biology, ecology, geography, management, regulation, hydrology, etc.), then participation with this group could benefit you.

Activities include co-sponsoring seminars, participating in volunteer activities,providing support in water education, meeting on a regular basis, partaking in university-wide volunteer events, stream monitoring with SOS techniques, and becoming involved with the state and national AWRA section events.

Visit VT AWRA at:

The Urban Forestry and Arboriculture Student Society (undergraduates and graduates)
    Urban Forestry Club

The Urban Forestry & Arboriculture Student Society at Virginia Tech was founded in 2004 to promote, enhance, and improve education and knowledge within urban forestry, arboriculture, and related fields in the Virginia Tech/Blacksburg community. Memberships is open to all Virginia Tech students and faculty with an interest in Urban Forestry & Arboriculture, regardless of major or department affiliation. The society is affiliated with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Student membership in the ISA is offered, but not required for membership.

The Society aims to provide opportunities for students to broaden their academic experience through invited speakers, competing in national urban forestry and arboriculture competitions, interaction with practicing professionals, and other field trips and events.

Wildland Fire Crew at Virginia Tech
    Wildland Fire Crew at Virginia Tech
We are a student organization whose members have completed training and certification to fight wildfires. We go on calls with the Virginia Department of Forestry and the U.S. Forest Service within Virginia and beyond.
Xi Sigma Pi (undergraduates and graduates)
    Xi Sigma Pi Club Photo

Xi Sigma Pi was founded in 1908 at the University of Washington as an honor society meant to recognize excellence among students of traditional forest management. The Chi Chapter of Virginia Tech, as have most chapters, has expanded its view of forest management to recognize fields such as fisheries and wildlife management, outdoor recreation, and forest products marketing and science as integral parts. In keeping with the stated national goals of the society, the Chi Chapter seeks both to recognize and encourage academic excellence among students of the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources.

All juniors and seniors in the College with a QCA of 3.0 or above are invited to join Xi Sigma Pi. After a short initiation period, new members are free to participate in any of Xi Sigma Pi's activities, most of which provide services to the College. The largest, and most important, of these projects is tutoring. Xi Sigma Pi members make themselves available to tutor, free of charge, students within the college who are having difficulty in College classes. Students in need of tutoring should contact the President who will attempt to find an appropriate tutor. Tutoring is not provided for courses such in departments such as Chemistry, Biology, or Math due to the quantity of tutoring opportunities available from those departments. Xi Sigma Pi also produces the Silvics Digest, a concise collection of the silvical characteristics of the trees important to students in the College. Students in either of the Forest Ecology courses or Silviculture will find this book especially valuable. It is usually offered for sale at the beginning of every semester in Ecology or Silviculture, or the President can be contacted.

Additional projects are undertaken by the Society as necessary. Members attempt to participate in and represent the College at various functions, which includes welcoming incoming freshmen. Members are also encouraged to join the Natural Resource Ambassadors Dean's Team, which seeks to serve the College through volunteer office work and representation at events throughout the year. Anyone with any questions or concerns should feel free to contact the President at any time.

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