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Elizabeth Moore receives Outstanding Young Scientist Award


Elizabeth Moore Award Photo

Sept. 24, 2012 – Elizabeth Moore received the "Outstanding Young Scientist Award" at the 2012 International Union of Forestry Research Organizations’ Small-Scale Forestry Working Group Conference in Amherst, Massachusetts. Elizabeth is a graduate student working with Dr. John Munsell in the area of Human Dimensions. The Young Scientist award is given to a single conference attendee under the age of 35 that demonstrates exceptional promise as a scientist. Competitors for this award included academic faculty, research scientists, and other graduate students. Elizabeth’s research used illustrations and hands-on activities to collect data on the roles of identity, cooperation, and technique preferences in the adoption of agroforestry systems by Central African Republic refugees and host-national Cameroonians in the Adamaoua Province of Cameroon in Western Africa. The objective of her work is to improve food security and resource sustainability in the region by helping aid agencies such as the International Medical Corps successfully integrate trees into gardening and farming systems in areas where refugee populations have increased dramatically.

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