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Experts help develop Trees for Energy Conservation online resource

June 14, 2013 – Planting a tree can save energy. The right tree in the right place provides wind protection, shade, and cooler summer air, while adding beauty, privacy, and wildlife habitat to the landscape.

Two experts affiliated with the College of Natural Resources and Environment are involved in a new online resource, Trees for Energy Conservation, to help consumers and professionals make decisions about selecting, planting, and maintaining trees for energy conservation.

Eric Wiseman, associate professor of urban forestry and arboriculture, and Adam Downing, senior forestry and natural resources Virginia Cooperative Extension agent, were involved in developing the interactive site, which includes guided lessons, opportunities to question experts, and links to articles on such diverse topics as planting trees for noise reduction, the urban heat island phenomenon, and tips for renters. Wiseman and Downing have contributed many articles and other information on the website.  Read more......

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