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Dr. Bruce Hull

Dr. Bruce Hull
310D Cheatham Hall

Bruce Hull writes and speaks about organizations, communities, and leaders constructing sustainable development in the face of converging demographic, environmental, governance, and market transformations. He is most excited when learning and sharing lessons about innovative leaders who are forging collaborations among government, business, and civil society. He is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability.    



  • Leadership for Sustainability is a Youtube channel with examples of leadership, lectures about wicked problems; deep explorations of climate change, water security, and food and agrcituutal systems; and discussions of critical topics such as environmental justice, hubris and faith in technology, faith and religion, myths and misperceptions of nature, possible futures, sustainable development goals, and more.
  • Sustainability Values examines values, myths, and biases hidden in most sustainability efforts. It is intended to help sustainability professionals understand themselves, become better listeners, build productive collaborative efforts, manage conflict, resolve controversies, and find synergies.
  • Constructing Sustainability.  Hull’s less academic musings confront the challenges of constructing a thriving and sustainable society within the limits of a beautiful but finite biosphere.