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Graduate student research - Johanna Arredondo and Fletcher Meadema

Graduate student research - Johanna Arredondo and Fletcher Meadema
Graduate student research - Johanna Arredondo and Fletcher Meadema

Audio-Visual Equipment and Access: AV equipment, laptop computers, and computer projectors for teaching and research presentations are available on loan from the Department and from CNRE-IT. Work with your graduate advisor and their assigned administrative assistant to check out equipment as needed. Technology Enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) is an on-campus unit that provide media collections, classroom support, production services, testing and measurement, and educational technologies that may be accessed through your graduate advisor.

Comprehensive Fees: Comprehensive fees are established by the university. Graduate students are responsible for these fees, which must be paid at the beginning of each fall and spring semester in residence. Fees can be paid using a payroll deduction by completing an application for the Graduate Comprehensive Fee Payment Plan. A new application is required each semester. Additional information, such as how to file for an absentia waiver, is available through the Bursar’s Office. Out-of-state graduate students are charged a mandatory, non-refundable “capital and equipment fee.” To obtain a waiver for this fee, eligible graduate students may apply for in-state residency by completing the In-state Tuition Request Form.

Employment Paperwork: Upon arrival, work with Stacey Kuhar to complete required employment paperwork, including payroll forms (I-9, W-4, VA-4), the Selective Service form, and additional paperwork required for international students.

Equipment Room: The Department maintains a supply of field equipment for use in teaching and research. For checkout procedures and access, contact Tal Roberts or Kathie Hollandsworth in 228 Cheatham.

FREC Graduate Student Association (FGSA): The FGSA has been established to enrich FREC graduate students' formal education through extracurricular activities promoting the exchange of information, ideas, and experience, as well as to welcome new graduate students into the Virginia Tech community.

Information Technology: For procedures and access to printers, plotters, network storage, and other computing needs, visit CNRE-IT.

Keys: For Cheatham Hall keys, see Stacey Kuhar to obtain a Key Request Form and associated signatures. There is a $10 refundable deposit per key. Keys must be returned upon completion of your graduate program.

Listservs: The college and department maintain graduate student listservs that you will be added to automatically. You can send announcements to FREC graduate students at

Mail: Mailboxes are maintained by the administrative assistant assigned to your graduate advisor (see Support Staff, below).

Meeting Rooms: Space for meetings may be reserved in Cheatham, Latham, and Wallace Halls. To reserve 136B Cheatham, 315 Cheatham, 311 Latham, 535 Latham, or 238C Wallace please see the administrative assistant assigned to your graduate advisor. If these rooms are not available, see Stacey Kuhar for additional options.

Office: Shared office space will be provided for graduate students as available. Contact Stacey Kuhar upon arrival for your desk assignment.

Printing, Copying, and Scanning: The Department maintains multi-function printer/copiers/scanners in each office suite and also has a large-format poster printer. For access, please see Stacey Kuhar.

Processing and Storage of Field Samples: The Department maintains multiple facilities for equipment storage and processing and storage of field samples. For use procedures and access, contact Dave Mitchem.

Support Staff: Stacey Kuhar is the Graduate Coordinator. Please see Stacey in 313 Cheatham for administrative questions related to your graduate program. For all other administrative needs (e.g., travel reimbursements, room reservations), see the administrative assistant assigned to work with your graduate advisor.

  • If you work with Aust, Barry, Barrett, Carter, Coates, Copenheaver, McLaughlin, Schons, Seiler, or Wiseman, please see Kathie Hollandsworth in 228 Cheatham.

  • If you work with Brunner, Gannon, Fearer, Holliday, McGee, Radtke, Q. Thomas, V. Thomas, or Wynne, please see Amy Cole in 319 Cheatham.

  • If you work with Amacher, Cobourn, Green, Hull, Marion, Munsell, Sorice, Stern, or Strahm, please see Connor Herndon in 310 Cheatham.

  • If you work with Schoenholtz or McGuire, please see Inga Solberg in 210 Cheatham.

Work-Life Grant Program: The work-life grant program, coordinated through the Graduate School, offers financial assistance for graduate assistants that are expecting or adopting children. Departments may request financial assistance equivalent to a graduate assistantship stipend for 6 weeks. For more information please speak with your graduate advisor and Stacey Kuhar.

Below are the general requirements for all FREC graduate students, followed by specific requirements by degree program: Master of Forestry (M.F.), Master of Science (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). 

Students are also expected to review and adhere to the Graduate School Policies.

Download a printable version of these requirements.


Joe Knight - Department Head,

Stacey Kuhar - Department Administrative Assistant and Graduate Student Coordinator,

Brian Strahm - Graduate Program Director

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