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Degree Requirements - General

General Requirements

Advisory Committee: Each student must form an advisory committee consisting of at least three faculty members for the M.F. and M.S. degrees and four for the Ph.D. degree, including chair or co-chairs. Students are expected to convene a meeting with their advisory committee a minimum of once per year.

Evaluation of Student Progress: Graduate students and their committee are required to complete the departmental student progress evaluation form annually.

Plan of Study: Each graduate student must submit a plan of study outlining their proposed coursework. Plans of study are due by the end of the student’s second academic semester and must be approved by their advisory committee.

Ethics & Integrity and Inclusion & Diversity: All graduate students must complete the university’s scholarly ethics and integrity and inclusion and diversity requirements, which can be satisfied by taking FREC 5014 and 5004 or completing activities outlined in an approved proposal that meets the eight university-required training topics. For more information, see the approved department plan.

Seminar: All graduate students are required to enroll in a minimum of one semester of the departmental seminar (FREC 5004); however, students are expected to participate in the departmental seminar throughout their graduate program.