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Daniel McLaughlin

Associate Professor

Dr. Daniel McLaughlin

Dr. Daniel McLaughlin
  • B.S., Clemson University
  • M.S., Clemson University
  • Ph.D., University of Florida

Forest and wetland ecohydrology; biotic feedbacks to landform development; watershed and landscape hydrology; emerging environmental sensors; restoration and management of water resources.

My research uses state-of-the-art field instrumentation and process-based modeling to explore the abiotic/biotic interactions that control ecosystem function.  Research questions span scales (e.g., patch, watershed, landscape) and systems (e.g., forests, wetlands, streams), and are ultimately aimed at improving restoration and management of water resources.

For graduate research opportunities, please send me your C.V. and contact information.

VA Water Resources Research Center

  • Wetlandscape Functions.  Investigating the many ways that spatially distributed wetlands provide functions at local to landscapes scales.
  • Drivers of Headwater Stream Condition.  Assessing the impacts of watershed activities on water quality and habitat of headwater streams.
  • Managing Forests for Water Resources.  Understanding the role of forest management and conservation in supporting regional water resources.
  • Smoldering Fires in Peatlands.  Predicting peat fire vulnerability over time and space, and assessing post-fire conditions and vegetation recovery.
  • Hydrologic Variability in Bog Turtle Habitats.  Assessing the controls of water level variability and associated habitat conditions for this endangered species.
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  • FREC 4784/5784 Wetland Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
  • FREC 3754 Watersheds and Water Quality Monitoring