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Dr. T. Adam Coates

Assistant Professor of Forest Fire Ecology and Management
  • Ph.D. Forest Resources, Clemson University (2017), M.S. Forest Resources, Clemson University (2006), B.S. Forest Resource Management, Clemson University (2003)
228F Cheatham Hall
310 West Campus Dr.
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Research focuses on the impacts of wildland fire on ecosystem processes and properties. The study of these impacts is linked to topics such as restoration ecology, fuels, fire behavior, silviculture, soils, wildlife habitat, and water quality.  

  • Potential impacts of biomass burning at differing levels of fire intensity and severity (i.e. soil impacts, potential smoke emissions, etc.)
  • The use of prescribed fire in the Appalachian Mountains
  • Fire and global carbon cycling
  • Wildland fire education opportunities
  • FOR 2514 Wildland Fire Ecology and Management
  • FOR 4414 Advanced Wildland Fire Ecology and Management
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