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The Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation is one of four departments within the College of Natural Resources and Environment and is one of the top programs in natural resource management in the United States.  Our top-flight education and research focus on the latest applications to uncover the science needed to manage forests and other natural resources. Our programs are diverse and approach critical natural resource issues from many disciplinary perspectives. From protected areas management and economic policy to forest soil productivity, urbanization, and genomics, we seek to discover new knowledge and technology to address the global challenges to come.



Futures Intern Update

FREC Intern - John Hayworth

Futures Intern promoting undergraduate programs. Read more......

Quinn Thomas Joins FREC
    Dr. Quinn Thomas

Dr. Quinn Thomas Joins FREC August 2013.  Read more.....

Kelly Cobourn Joins FREC

Dr. Kelly Cobourn

New Assistant Professor Dr. Kelly Cobourn.  Read more....

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