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With prior funding from IMLS (MG-10-16-0057-16) and NSF AISL (DRL 1612416), we led an extensive participatory process spanning two years and dozens of program providers and leaders of cross-organizational networks and associations to identify crosscutting and aspirational outcomes for EE programs for youth. We then operationalized and statistically validated these outcomes measures to apply across a wide and diverse set of experiences, resulting in a questionnaire we are referring to as “EE21,” short for the Environmental Education Outcomes for the 21st Century Survey. (Powell, Stern, Frensley & Moore, 2019).

EE21 summary table

The article linked below describes our measure development process:

Robert B. Powell, Marc J. Stern, Brandon Troy Frensley & DeWayne Moore (2019): Identifying and developing crosscutting environmental education outcomes for adolescents in the twenty-first century (EE21), Environmental Education Research, DOI: 10.1080/13504622.2019.1607259

This short chapter provides a summary of the outcomes included in EE21 and why they matter:

Powell, Stern, Frensley & Moore. (2020). Identifying Outcomes for Environmental Education at National Parks.