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This website serves as a preliminary online repository of key documents resulting (1) from the development of a cross-cutting assessment tool (the EE21 questionnaire) for measuring outcomes of environmental education (EE) programs for adolescents (ages 10 and up) and (2) from a national study of EE field trip programs examining which programmatic design and delivery elements are most commonly associated with better outcomes for participants.
The research is funded by the National Science Foundation Advancing Informal Science Learning program (DRL 1612416 and DRL1906610) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant program (MG-10-16-0057-16).  
The Principal Investigators are Dr. Marc J. Stern, Professor, Virginia Tech ( and Dr. Robert B. Powell, Professor, Clemson University (

Tools and Guidance

NAAEE 2019 Presentation 

Published Papers