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George M. Simmons Water Scholarship

George Simmons

The George M. Simmons Water Scholarship is a merit-based scholarships for undergraduate students enrolled in the Water: Resources, Policy, and Management degree.  George Simmons is a Virginia Tech Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus, having retired in 2003 as an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences in the College of Science.  A member of the Virginia Tech community since 1971, Dr. Simmons continued to teach and advise students until 2014. To read more about George M. Simmons and his work, click here.

To apply, please go to the Advising Center’s Scholarship webpage.

The George M. Simmons Scholarship has been awarded annually since 2016.  

2020/2021 Recipient:

  • Jacob Shemer

2019/2020 Recipients:

  • Isabelle Largen
  • James Maze
  • Jonathan Reynolds
  • Jacob Shemer

2018/2019 Recipients:

  • Hailee Goolsby
  • Alexa Maione
  • James Maze
  • Jonathan Reynolds
  • Jordan Van Roe
  • Gavin Washburn

2017/2018 Recipients:

  • Kylie Campbell
  • Margaret Carolan
  • Hailee Goolsby
  • James Maze
  • Gavin Washburn

The 2016/2017 Recipients:

  • Kaitlyn Ball
  • Margaret Carolan
  • Joseph Famularo

Stephen H. Schoenholtz Water Undergraduate Research Fund

Stephen Schoenholtz

The Stephen H. Schoenholtz Undergraduate Research Fund is a competitive research funding opportunity for undergraduate students enrolled in the Water: Resources, Policy, and Management degree.  Stephen Schoenholtz is the Director of the Virginia Water Resources Research Center and a Professor in the Virginia Tech Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation.  To read more about Stephen H. Schoenholtz and his work, click here.

The deadline for applications is November 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM. Downloap application here.

The Stephen H. Schoenholtz Water Undergraduate Research Fund/Research Fellowship has been awarded annually since 2016.  

2020 Summer Recipient

  • Lindsey Long: Instrumenting USFS National Forest streams

2019/2020 Recipient

  • Dexter Howard: Drivers and Patterns of Dissolved Organic Matter Cycling in Drinking Water Reservoirs

2019 Summer Recipient

  • Delaney Peterson: Undergraduate Water Research at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 

2018/2019 Recipient:

  • Benjamin Clark: Quantifying Nucleic Acid Association to Nanoparticles

2017/2018 Recipients:

  • Saalehah Habeebah: An Analysis of Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services among Refugees in the New River Valley
  • Alexa Maione: The Introduction of Aquaponics Systems in the Educational Setting in Montgomery County, Virginia

2016/2017 Recipients:

  • Kylie Campbell: Environmental Predictors of Rotifer Recruitment in a Drinking Water Reservoir
  • Shaifali Prajapati: Social, Economic, and Cultural Factors of Latrine Adoption in Coastal South India

Graduates of the Water: Resources, Policy, and Management degree will be competitive for jobs with government agencies, environmental consulting firms, educational institutions, university and government research laboratories, private industries, and non-governmental water organizations. Employment opportunities also exist for water resources planners, water resource scientists, water program coordinators, stormwater specialists, watershed managers, and water resource educators, as selected examples.  A great resource for job opportunities in the water sector is available from the Pacific Institute.

VT College of Natural Resources and Environment: Careers in Natural Resources

The Virginia Water Monitoring Council puts out periodic Job Opportunities around the state on their public Google Group (no account needed). 

Below is an updated list of online sources for water-related jobs:

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